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Technology can be confusing.  When interviewing companies and working towards who is best for you, allow us help write a detailed project scope, much like your architect has.  This will allow you, the home owner to know your expectations are being met.  In addition, it will bring your ideas and proposals in allowing the same end result, permitting you, the client to review and hire knowing that all bids are equal.  This will minimalize the chances of your audio/video contractor turning in a bid with a lesser amount and counting on making up for it with change orders later.

  • How can I control our home audio, video, lighting and security with the Apple I-touch, I-phone and I-Pad?
  • Are there areas within your design that I can live without that may help keep my budget in line?
  • What is the difference between Plasma, LED, LCD and how do I know the way to go?
  • What is the importance of HDMI and all of those other cables I have hear we need?
  • How can I protect my investment when technology changes so quickly?
  • Ask if the company is licensed with the county and city to do this work. Does someone on staff have the necessary licensing or are you using other companies. 
  • Can you recommend ways to save on energy cost?
  • Ask for your control program.  You hired a company to write it, you own it. 
  • Question the experts view on future technologies and why.

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