Experiencing a touch of glare? Time for privacy? Or ready to brighten your area? Adjust your Serena remote controlled shades from anywhere in the room.

One system controls lighting, shades, alarm, notifications, climate, and music. It's the Savant lifestyle.

Oooh - Aaah! Tour Savant's magical Experience Center. This model apartment shows all the automation capabilities for your household using the Apple platform.

On/off, up/down, open/close, warmer/cooler--Personalized automation is readily available on your Apple device with Savant's control panel app to manage your media player, light switches, and thermostat.

Choose from a wide array of art and frame options to hide your TV and seamlessly blend into your home's decor. VisionArt supplies digital control to hide and unhide your TV screen as your needs require.

Control for your audio, video, lighting, security and interior climate using your iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone and Savant's TrueControl automation and control app:

The modern, healthy way to vacuum. See how Beam Central Vacuum systems create easier, faster and more efficiently vacuuming for the poor schlub that does all your dirty work because you are way too rich to move a vacuum cleaner back and forth lest you break a nail or muss your hair.

For commercial applications, Lutron Electronic's Daylight Autonomy optimizes useful daylight as a sustainable, architectural solution for efficiently operating a space without electric light.

Forgot to flick the lights off? Hands full? Lutron's got your back. Lutron Maestro® occupancy sensors help you save energy and "sense" when you're home.